A pro tool for photographers

Our desktop software will dramatically optimize your process.

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    Blazing search finds files fast

    Quickly ingest from SD and CF Cards, or browse them directly

    Navigate your archives with data mining

    Edit photos with the built-in image editor to re-size, crop and adjust colors

    Reduce repetitive tasks with powerful workflow actions

    Automatically keep the same image in one preview using Raw + JPG bundling

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    Powerful metadata editing with SmartStamp™ & SmartReplace™

    Hit Spacebar to get full screen previews

    Organize your selections in projects

    Collaborate, show and tell using Carousel or Slideshows

    Easily make selections and work with your photos using flags, ratings and status levels

    Learn keyboard shortcuts to speed up common operations

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    CC & Plus licensing, tell the world how they can license and use your photos

    Create archives (shortcuts) to your favourite folders

    12 available languages make FotoStation an ideal solution all over the world

    Transmit files via FTP or HTTP

    The most powerful metadata tools available

    Easily add watermarks, keep track of model release forms and copyright

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Find your files faster

It’s incredibly easy to handle large volumes of images. Browse your folders directly and create shortcuts to your favorites.

Search and sort by any metadata, such as keywords, dates, and descriptions. Easily customise fields and forms for the metadata you need.


Automate repetitive tasks

Powerful actions let you transfer, rename, copy, resize, convert and process any image or collection. For instance, you can resize a bunch of files to multiple output sizes with a single click.

Metadata can be added to multiple files in one go, or imported from spreadsheets and databases.


We love metadata!

Metadata is text stored in the image. Images can be moved around and you don't need to worry about metadata getting lost or in the way. Your collections are easy to back up, text and all.

SmartReplaceTM expands shortcuts, e.g. inserting player names by using jersey numbers. Use Controlled Vocabularies to avoid typos, or trust our spell checking!


Make quick edits

The built-in editor lets you do quick retouching: adjust color balance manually or by setting gray/black/white points, fix red eyes, reduce high-iso noise, pixelate faces or car plates, retouch dust or spots, convert to grayscale, crop, resize, and rotate.

Love Photoshop? Open any image in Photoshop (or any other editor) directly from FotoStation!


Find the ONE in a million!

Classify, sort and view all your pictures for easy selection. Find the best files, tag your favorites and organize your collections using drag and drop.


Share and transfer your images

Right-click any individual photo to quickly share it with a friend, or export an entire collection at once. FotoStation serves up sharable low-resolution thumbnail images to avoid filling up email inboxes with oversized files. Transmit files using FTP or HTTP.

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